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Autumn 2016 Newsletter (Newsletter Archives)

Message From Eileen:

professional speakerI blinked and summer slipped away. I pull out the digital photos to remind me that indeed there had been wildflowers in the mountains, an 8-point buck at the cabin door, high school graduations, and even higher elevations… all sandwiched between amazing new clients and lots of work.

September wants me to rest now. Retreat. Be quiet. Stop. It’s a seductive slip-up, beckoning me to halt all the comings and goings. Then again, maybe it isn’t a mistake. In fact, in 1949 Kathryn Elizabeth Fite wrote an article for Good Housekeeping. She proposed that September should be the time for personal resolutions:

“Why do you suppose so many of us waste autumn? Why don’t we make the effort to provide something new in our lives? In January, resolutions are made when we are worn out in spirit, body and pocketbook, and have no real urge to do anything but rest.”

motivational speakerThis is the first year that I couldn’t go on my annual silent January retreat. A few days in September might be just the thing to look at what needs to be harvested or plowed back for next year. Why wait until January to create resolutions and intentions? Ummm… might not be a slip-up after all.

What are your September seductions?




September Smiles and Grins

  • There’s a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can’t get away.
  • I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not sure.
  • To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target. (Ummm. Sounds like politicians.)
  • I always take life with a grain of salt, plus a slice of lime, and a shot of tequila. (What we want to do AFTER listening to politicians.)

Featured Product: Talk Ain’t Cheap… It’s Priceless!

TAintCheapSurvey after survey has shown that effective communication is critical to business success. In order to be a great leader you have to be a great communicator. You must be able to TALK to people in order to connect with them. Yet, many leaders fall short when it comes to this all-important skill. People aren’t talking. Organizations are losing employees, customers and money every single day. This book will help ensure that doesn’t happen to you by helping you communicate more effectively with your team members, colleagues and customers.

Discover the forgotten secret for all those who are superb leaders: they know how to TALK to people. This is a fast-read, skill-based handbook that can change how you connect with the hearts and minds of colleagues, employees and customers. Remember: the intangibles drive the tangibles of business. Order one for everyone in your company! Group discounts. Call us for details. You can purchase it from my website.

News You Can Use: Why Resiliency Matters and Mindfulness Mends

In a study published by PwC in 2014, initiatives and programs that fostered a resilient and mentally healthy workplace returned $2.30 for every dollar spent — with the return coming in the form of lower health care costs, higher productivity, lower absenteeism and decreased turnover.

In dynamic work environments, organizational psychologists Erik Dane and Bradley Brummel found that mindfulness facilitates job performance, even after accounting for all three dimensions of work engagement – vigor, dedication and absorption.

Preventive medicine researchers Kimberly Aitken and her colleagues have found that online mindfulness programs have been shown to be practical and effective in decreasing employee stress, while improving resiliency and work engagement, thereby enhancing overall employee well-being and organizational performance.

Wisdom from my Resiliency Group Colleague

Leadership is truly a conundrum. You can do all the right things, but there are no guarantees your attempts at leadership will be successful. And yet, leadership can arise unexpectedly, often unrecognized or unappreciated.  Click here to read “A Leadership Conundrum: 4 Unexpected Sources of Leadership”.


Inspiration You Can Muse

“And a Child Shall Lead Them”. Watch and learn from double hand-transplant Zion Harvey. You will be moved by the courage of Zion and his wise-beyond years response to living with no hands and his legs amputated below the knee. Then when you start to complain, shout or whisper “ZION”.

Here is yet another child, a toddler in Edmonton. Eva and her parents are both resilient models of joy and compassion.

Finally, a child prodigy reminds us that music remains a constant bringer of joy.

Must Read Books

leadinggracefullyLeading Gracefully – a Woman’s Guide to Confident, Authentic & Effective Leadership by Monique Tallon

The author is a veteran of the male-dominated Silicon Valley and offers an intriguing model that blends “feminine “ strengths with traditional traits to break through gender bias. With 15 powerful exercises, there’s plenty here to learn and practice.

scrappyScrappy: A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big by Terri Sjodin

Sjodin models grit in her work and in this book. From my perspective on resiliency, I think Sjodin has condensed great examples, resources, and exercises to produce a smart and savvy guide for taking big obstacles and creating big results. Actionable, doable, and powerful! Get scrappy by reading Scrappy.

Time for True Leaders to Take a Stand!

Please join me on this web site True Leader Creed.  While it was created in response to the horrific adult behavior seen across our nation and the world, the purpose is to take a stand and pledge oneself to behave in true leader fashion. We can’t ask others to do what we do not hold ourselves accountable for.

It will take all of 5 minutes to read. Then, if so inclined, please sign, check the box that allows us to keep you updated and share widely. Print out the creed. Post it widely. Send me digital pictures of where you post it. Let’s see if we can get a movement for true leadership going!

Now here’s the flip of good leadership: Examples of FIVE HORRID bosses.

bethebossJeevan Sivasubramaniam, Managing Director, Editorial, Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc. writes…

“William Gentry’s latest book explores what new bosses face: the challenge to shift from a “me” point of view to a “we” point of view. It requires a shift from a self-focused mindset to one where you are not the center of your world and your actions must also be measured by their repercussions for others.” Read the rest of the article here.

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